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The 4 Truths About Rosé | The Perfect Summer Wine

Posted on Jul 05, 2016

4 rose wine truths

We all love to break out this perfect pink wine at summer barbecues, but what is it that makes rosé so great? Here are 4 truths about rosé that you can break out at your next summer shin-dig…

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1.  That Lovely Pink Hue

Believe it or not that enticing pink color of rosé does not come from simply mixing red and white wine. In fact, the color comes from the skin of lightly crushed red grapes. The longer the grapes stay in contact with the skin, the darker the wine will become; this resting period can take anywhere from a few hours up to multiple days. It is the length of time that determines whether the wine will be white, red, or rosé. After resting with the skins, the liquid is then strained away  and moved into fermentation.


2.  Fresh is Best

Unlike many other red wines, rosé is best when enjoyed when it is young. When in search of the freshest rosé, seek out the youngest vintage. This is not the type of wine to be stored in cellar; it will not improve over time! As a general rule of thumb, look for rosé that has been produced within the past two years. They are not meant to last!


3.  Dry vs. Sweet

Over time rosé has often been considered as a sweet wine, but in fact it is not that super sugary sweet white zinfandel that you may be thinking of.  Rosé has seen global rebirth over the years and today, dry rosé is gaining a highly respectable reputation. Look for wines that include the varietals, grenache, sangiovese, pinot noir or syrah, they almost always lend themselves to a crisp, dry rosé. Old world wines are also a safe bet when seeking out a dry wine.


4.  Provence-The Only Word You Need to Remember

Provence is a region of Southern France and is considered the birthplace and  motherland of rosé. Provencal rosé is traditionally very dry and is extremely versatile,  pairing well with all foods. It’s known for its enticing aromas of fresh berries and crisp minerality ending with a bone-dry finish. This is a must for any summer bbq!