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Meet Head Chef Brent Jackson | The Kitchen Fort Collins

Posted on Feb 10, 2016

10402782_10205480009501550_5775926153830895040_nWhat makes you excited about food?

The experiences and memories that I get to create and enjoy that involve food.  Any time my family and I travel we create our itinerary based on getting reservations at certain restaurants.  Most of our stories from traveling involve something about a restaurant or a certain dish.  One of my favorite things to see at the restaurant is a guest taking their first bite of a dish, watching their eyes widen and their expression turning to sheer joy.  Those expressions are the the biggest compliment I could ever receive.  

What is your “go to” ingredient during the winter months?

This year I’m really excited about the various types of beans and peas we have at The Kitchen.  We’ve been getting Sea Island Red Peas from Anson Mills all winter and they are delicious!  They are a staple in some southern cuisine so it’s really cool that we can get them here.  Also, winter calls for slow cooking; anything cooked on low heat for a long period of time is a definite ‘go to’.  And Za’Atar!

It’s February and you’re snowed in. What’s for dinner at your house?

I love the snow and being outside in the snow, so I would have my charcoal grill fired up.  I do try to eat 80% plant based foods but during those incredibly cold nights, nothing beats a steak.  I don’t cook quite the same at home.  I like the foods I grew up eating in Nebraska:  Meat and potatoes or stews.