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Meet the Purveyor | Ryan Wilson of Garden Sweet Farms

Posted on Mar 08, 2016

RyanWilsonMeet Ryan Wilson is a co-owner at Garden Sweet, a small sustainable farm proudly serving Fort Collins for over 10 years! 

What crop is the first to typically appear on the farm in the Spring?

Asparagus.  This cool season perennial is a delight to see poking through the soil in the spring and is sort of the farm’s soil and air temperature gauge.  It emerges from the soil only when conditions are right when cool; early spring soil temperatures rise above 50 degrees.


Now that we are on the tail end of winter, what Spring vegetable are you most excited about enjoying, or have you not quite had your fill of root vegetables?

Got to be asparagus again. We usually eat the first few spears with dinner sort of as a celebration that Spring is in full swing.


For those who have never been apart of a CSA, what is the best reason to join? Are they going to get their hands dirty?

Oh, there’s so many reasons.  But, I’d say health, on multiple levels, is the best reason to join. In an age where we’re constantly bombarded with ads to eat processed stuff some folks call food, a CSA is a great way to nourish yourself and your family with food that is healthy for you.  The second reason is it’s a way to promote the health of your community.  CSA’s bring people together through food.  At Garden Sweet we have almost 200 members and know practically every single one of our members by name.  As far as getting your hands dirty, CSA members are not required to work at Garden Sweet.  Most of our members are simply too busy with work and family and are looking to us to do the dirty work.  And if any of them are interested in getting some dirt under their nails, they’re more than welcome to join us at one of our volunteer events that we have throughout the season.

During the cold, winter months are you on vacation, or is there work to be done on the farm?

When winter sets in and Fall CSA is over, we sure wish we could just swing the gates closed and get on the first plane to a beach, but there is always so much to do.  Equipment needs attention, we clean off the office desk, analyze the outcome of the season, discuss changes for the next season, and begin planning.  Not many folks realize by the time the new calendar year begins, we’re already busy ordering supplies, placing seed orders, and preparing for CSA sales.  Amy and I do take a break from the farm over the Christmas holiday season and visit family and friends.  We always try to get away for a week or two to sort of hit that re-set button.  It helps us  to refocus.  During the season it gets tough to stop and take a breath.  Time away helps us come back and take a fresh look at things.

Thanks Ryan! Visit the Garden Sweet website for more information http://gardensweet.com/