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Meet the Purveyor | Nuance Chocolate

Posted on May 04, 2016

Nuance foundersMeet the Purveyors: Toby and Alix co-founders and owners of Nuance Chocolate

Nuance Chocolate makes authentic, honest, spirited chocolate. Toby and Alix start by selecting premium cacao beans from ethical sources around the globe, which they gently roast in small batches to develop depth and range. From this they form delicious chocolate treats, ranging from single-origin bars to rich truffles.

What was your favorite chocolate treat as a child?

My mother’s chocolate-crinkle cookies, which she only made for the winter Solstice and Christmas holidays. I also learned how to make chocolate fudge as a kid, and I quickly learned that using 4-6 times the chocolate called for in the recipe was a good idea.

What inspired you to start making chocolate?

Like any successful addict, the next logical step is to start dealing, right? OK, on a more serious note: After tasting some very rustic and less-processed chocolate while visiting a small chocolate museum in Costa Rica, Alix and I were inspired to begin our chocolate-making adventure. As a certified chocoholic and geek, it just seemed like a natural thing to do. We never intended to open up a shop, we really just got carried away.


Nuance offers a large range of different chocolates to try, which is your “go-to”?

My customers are always asking this, and it’s actually pretty easy to answer: my favorite chocolate is the one that I’m eating right now. If I’m not eating chocolate at the moment, then my favorite is what I’ve eaten last. If it’s been awhile since I’ve eaten chocolate, then my favorite is what I’m going to eat next. Discovering a new and delightful cacao bean is often the highlight of my day.


There is a goat on your logo. What’s the story?

Many companies have fierce and aggressive mascots like eagles, dragons, and lions. Nuance has a friendly, joyful, and adventurous little goat—which reflects the spirit of what we are all about. My wife grew up with goats as pets, and my son has always wanted one, so it’s also a bit of a family thing for us. Last, but not least, goats are ubiquitous in cacao-growing regions around the world.