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Meet The Kitchen Family: Lena Zimmerman

Posted on Apr 21, 2014

For our monthly series “Meet The Kitchen Family,” we sat down with Lena Zimmerman from The Kitchen Denver to get to know her a little bit better. Here’s what she had to say:


Where are you from?

I’m from Phoenix, Arizona, I grew up in the Scottsdale area, I actually lived in five states before I was seven. I went to Arizona School for the Arts, between seventh and tenth grade. I started out in the dance program, and then I did choir, acting, and guitar for a couple of years, piano was part of our academics. I visited Boulder one time and knew that I wanted to be here.


You moved to Boulder for college?

I just graduated from CU Boulder with a dance degree; I love Broadway, I love musicals, I’ve done ballet since I was four. I went to New York one time with my high school dance team, we danced at Alvin Ailey and Broadway Dance Center in New York, which was super cool. We experienced dance as an expression of your body, this art form that’s constantly changing, and that’s what the CU dance scene was like for me too.


How long have you been working at The Kitchen?

I started in July of 2012 as a hostess, mostly Upstairs, with a few brunch shifts here and there. The Upstairs has always been my niche, where I thrive, where I want to be. I come here on almost all my nights off, I love it. Over the summer I trained to be a backwait; I took that initiative on my own, there was no opening, I said that I wanted to train, I wanted to know how things work. January was my last scheduled host shift, it was bittersweet.


Have you always been interested in food and beverage?

I’ve always had an interest, but I never had the opportunity, to learn. Like when you’re pairing wine with food, I know that people drink red wine with steak, but I never understood why, what that has to offer, and that some bottles of red wine you don’t want to have with a steak. Now I’m in this business, it’s what I have to share with people, you know, “Community Through Food” as they say. No other restaurant that I’ve worked in had this same outlook.


What does The Kitchen family mean to you?

Obviously I love it. The people I work with, we’re a team, it’s great. All of my best and closest friends work here, they’re all people who want to see me succeed, and they are people who I want to see succeed. We help each other do that, working as a unit, that’s what it is, that’s what I love about this place, it’s a really valuable thing to me.


If you were stranded on a desert island, and could only have one meal, what would it be?

Prosciutto burrata flatbread, roasted brussels sprouts for nutrition and water. But if I’m on an island I’ll also need alcohol, so I’d have to go with a Persian Lemon, I’m that girl.


Photo and Interview by Veronika Sprinkel www.veronikasprinkel.com