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Chef’s Collaborative : Rocky Mountain Sustainer 2014

Posted on Oct 09, 2014


imageChef’s Collaborative 2014 brought together 350 chefs and food professionals to discuss ideas on how to fix broken food systems, including how food is sourced, prepared and served. Kimbal was one of the many food professionals who spoke at Chef’s Collaborative this year. He discussed the importance of building relationships with farmers and ranchers so they may have a market for their product. In their article, The Daily Camera states “restaurants must also gain the trust of local farmers by assuring them the restaurant will buy what they grow.” Remaining loyal and committed to local suppliers has helped The Kitchen immensely since the first restaurant opened in Boulder ten years ago.


Every year, among many awards presented during the summit, The Rocky Mountain Sustainer award is given to chef who has demonstrated excellence in the culinary community by purchasing seasonal, sustainable ingredients and transforming these ingredients into delicious foods. This year, The Rocky Mountain Sustainer award went to our very own Kimbal Musk and Hugo Matheson. A very well deserved recognition for Kimbal, Hugo and The Kitchen Family.