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Community Through Food | 10 Reasons to Join a CSA

Posted on Mar 09, 2016

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10. Enjoy produce harvested at its peak – Produce is delivered right from the farm to your plate; no wasted time in distribution centers or on grocery store shelves. Talk about fresh!

9. Support a local farmer – There are numerous ways to get involved, one of the principal ways to support local agriculture is buying a CSA membership.

8. Eat seasonally – Enjoy vegetables and fruits only when they are at their very best!  As the weather changes, the crops will too.

7. Connect with your community A CSA allows you the opportunity to meet the farmer and build a meaningful relationship, plus the added benefit of knowing exactly where your food is coming from!

6. Enjoy veggies you’ve never heard ofBring them on, we’d love to provide you with recipes all year round! Look forward to surprises throughout the entire summer.

5. Eat well and be healthy –  A great way to find food that is often organically grown and pesticide free.

4. Protect Mother Earth  Buying local produce cuts down on the miles your food travels from the farm to your plate.

3. Boost the local economy – Joining a CSA keeps your money close to home and circulating within your community.

2. Get outside – Many farms offer discounted CSA memberships if you are willing to spend a little time digging in the dirt. While it is not for everyone, it is perfect for those who have dreamed of having a garden.

1.  Save money – When you buy directly from the farmer you are cutting out the middleman, which keeps your cost low.


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